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We Have Experience With
Settling an Estate
Property Liquidation
Moving to Retirement or Assisted Living Community
New Marriage/Family Blending
Services We Provide

Come out at your convenience to give a free evaluation of  your sale- with no obligation

Sort, clean and organize items for sale.  We will design the layout of your sale and stage items to maximize sales. We provide all necessary tables and display shelving.

Determine the true resale value of your items so our pricing maximizes your profit. We research and have years of experience with valuing items, but we also have many relationships with professional appraisers and retailers we contact for expert opinions if necessary.

Marketing and Advertising to ensure maximum exposure and the highest number of people coming through your sale. We utilize multiple marketing streams, including national websites (, Craigslist, neighborhood pages, social media, street signs and our extensive email/text contacts list.

If you have valuable items that are niche and would profit greatly from national or global exposure, we can sell a limited number of items on eBay. (We have sold over 20,000 items on eBay with over 9400 positive reviews.) We also coordinate with larger auction houses- Heritage, Christie's, etc.- for items that are more appropriately sold in a traditional auction.

Staffing and conducting your sale.  The owners of Blue Ribbon are always present to conduct sales, no exceptions. We will exercise great care in the handling of your possessions and property.  All the members of our team are individuals whom we have known and trusted for years.  We would give them the key to our houses!

Provide options for disposal of unsold items and waste from sale.
Provide options for cleaning of premises after completion of the sale.

Provide a written reconciliation of sales and payment, usually within 4-7 days of the conclusion of the sale

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