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A family owned and operated company; our mission at Blue Ribbon is to quickly and efficiently handle your transition needs. We do not work more than one sale at a time, so we can focus completely on you.  Whether your sale is the result of a loved-one passing, relocation, downsizing, or something else, we have most likely experienced it in our own lives; so we understand it can be a stressful and emotional time. We will be there for you every step of the way with the kindness, compassion, confidentiality and respect that is our hallmark.

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 A life-long, avid estate-saler, Mike has decades of experience valuing items and sorting through  junk to find treasures.  Mike also has extensive experience in eBay Sales with over 20,000 sales to date. He is a keen coin collector and the President of the Dallas Coin Club.

Shirlene is our retail maven. She has extensive experience staging a space to most effectively sell the contents as well as mentoring a team's customer service skills to drive sales. Shirlene and Alison are sisters.


A former teacher, event planner and organizer, Alison is our tireless researcher. She also oversees marketing and social media, assuring that our sales are well attended; she can be found at the checkout table during most sales. Alison is Mike's wife.


We take pride that Blue Ribbon conducts fun, upbeat, well-attended sales. We are always extremely respectful of a client's home and possessions. Every member of our trusted team is well versed in customer service, up-selling, explaining value/price and negotiation.  Our goal is always to sell every available item and maximize the proceeds from your sale.

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